Various freelance projects

Tableless layouts were used for many of my freelance projects.

I worked with an agency in Newton, MA, to develop the Putnam Lovell, Empirix and Firepond sites.

I worked directly with the client for the Bright Moves site, as well as various other sites not shown, including sites for the Argentine Tango Association of New Hampshire; a site for a tango instructor,; the portfolio site for portraiture artist Cameron Bennett; and the original site for The Salem Observer weekly newspaper in NH.

All this experience helped me to understand the clients' needs, the challenges they face interpreting what they want, and how to estimate how long a project would take to deliver final code.

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Stanley Dankoski is a front-end web developer specializing in HTML and CSS and, increasingly, scripting with javascript and jQuery. He works in the greater Boston area, USA, and subsists on nibbles of dark chocolate. His favorite color is indigo.


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