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This landing page uses responsive web design to display slightly different content based on the device you're using, desktop or smartphone.

I had to solve for the scenario that some customers would need to install a custom-made app, stored not in either the Apple app store or Android marketplace but on an enterprise server. Customers were made aware of the app by a marketing email that drove to the landing page. Most of those clients, we could only assume at the time, were using Outlook on Windows to view their office email.

So we needed a landing page that not just solved where to download two different apps from an enterprise server, but also solve for the desktop-to-app scenario of getting the link on the smartphone. We could not assume the customers were already using their smartphones to view office mail. We also needed the same content on each view of the page.

We solved this by using a QR code and a responsive web design. The desktop version showed the QR code and ways to get the code, whereas the smartphone view displayed the Download buttons prominently at the top of the page.

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