Staples Advantage redesign

Client needed to redesign its marketing site to pare down the content, and up the visual appeal while staying within brand guidelines. The designer came up with a modular approach with staggered hero images that overlapped the content below.

The challenge was to come up with a development strategy that worked for each of the six sections of the site, as some images underlapped the content below and some did not overlap or underlap at all. Meanwhile, some content needed to be hidden until the visitor chose to see it.

I was lead front-end developer on this project, working with another developer and coordinating with three designers and the dev manager, as well as our counterpart in I.S. to ensure the code will work well in a new CMS.

Made use of SASS, CSS3 and jQuery. SASS was helpful especially in keeping track of all overlapping values to be consistent. jQuery was used to show/hide content.

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